Freight is transported using modern trucks

Full freight is when a separate truck is allocated for the freight of one customer.

Full freight transportation is a big responsibility which we take in accordance with high security requirements.

We transport cargo on international and local routes with technically sound, modern transport.

We transport international and domestic cargo with designated transport

We transport and deliver international and domestic full freights every week to the address specified by the Client, using transport for cargo.

  • Transportation of full freight by heavy-duty tent trucks 92 m3
  • Transportation of full freight by smaller-sized transport: 15 m3,  20 m3(from door to door)

International full freight transport

Full freight transport among European countries: Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Ireland, England, Belgium, Holland, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania.

Together, we can go a step further.
Our advantage is mobility. We can deliver your cargo in a very short time.